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Your Perfect Bachelor Antidote

Whether you hate-watch the Bachelor or can't even stomach it because oh-my-god-these-people-are-all-so-terrible, you'll likely enjoy Burning Love, the new parody web series created by and starring Ken Marino (of Party Down and Veronica Mars fame). Marino's depiction of Mark Orlando, a fireman who will stop at nothing for true love, even if that means sleeping through a house of diversely disfunctional women, is pitch perfect as are the performances by the series' many recognizable guest stars (Adam Scott, Kristen Bell and Ken Jeong, to name a few).


Who will Mark choose? My money's on the one without pants.


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I didn't realize it was Ken Marino when I first started seeing ads for this and I wasn't interested because Yahoo does comedy? Random. But a friend posted the first episode on Facebook yesterday so I gave it a whirl, discovered it was Ken Marino and other funny people (and Ethel Beavers, Parks & Rec fans!), and it's dang funny!

I got sucked into the last season of The Bachelor and all the entrances in Burning Love are dead on. They didn't really have to change anything.