Last month, 52-year-old Mark Aulger was very sick with complications from his treatment for colon cancer. His wife Diane was pregnant and was just two weeks from her due date when the doctor informed them that Mark's condition was fatal. When he was told he only had five or six days to live, Mark said "I'd like to see the baby." Diane, 31, and her doctor decided to induce labor, and she gave birth to the daughter Savannah on January 18th, with Mark's hospital bed right next to hers.

When they put baby Savannah in Mark's arms, Diane says he "cried, and he just looked very sad." He held her for about 45 minutes, but after that he was so fatigued that he could only hold her a few more times. He fell into a coma on January 21st, and Diane says, "I put her on him when he was in the coma a few times and his hand would move toward her." Oh my God. Time to grab another tissue. Mark died two days after falling into the coma, and Diane says, "It was just me and Savannah when he passed away."

In case that hasn't gotten you sufficiently teary already, as of this Christmas, Mark thought he'd beaten the cancer. It was a freak complication with his lungs that arose suddenly and ended up taking his life. Just weeks before his death, the family, who lives in Texas, had been busy planning their future, and now Diane is left to raise the baby and their four other children. Though she's not entirely alone. Since their story hit the news, she's been getting lots of love from people all over the placeā€”and she plans to keep Mark as a constant presence in their lives: "The kids still go on as if dad is really still here. Mark was a very funny guy. My kids still tell jokes how they would when he was around. He would have been a wonderful daddy to Savannah."

Your Morning Cry: Woman Induces Labor So Her Dying Husband Can Meet His Baby
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Texas Woman Induced Labor for Dying Husband to Hold Baby
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