Your Morning Cry: Dad Comes Home From Afghanistan and Surprises His Daughter on Her Birthday

A little girl in Utah named Bailey got quite an amazing surprise on her sixth birthday. She was in the middle of talking to her classmates, when in walked her dad, Sargent Adam Page, who'd returned home early from serving in Afghanistan. Bailey was as shocked as you'd expect to see him, but her reaction is so poised that it will make your heart start to melt, and the only way to cool it down is to douse it with tears of happiness. Of course, Bailey can't stop hugging and kissing him, but it's her asking, "How did you make it?" that'll really get you. After the initial surprise, she pulls it together and gets even cuter, if that is possible. Oh my god, the way she wipes her eyes with the tissue! The happiest part of the whole story is that after seven years of mostly being away from his family, Sgt. Page is now stationed in Utah, where he will live with them regularly for the first time since Bailey was born.

Best birthday ever! Lucky girl, 6, surprised by her soldier father's return from Afghanistan [Daily Mail]


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