Your Morning Cry: Boy With Cerebral Palsy Runs Race With a Little Help From His Friends

If you're in need of a little lift o' the spirits today, look no further than Matt, an elementary schooler who has spastic cerebral palsy. His condition makes it very hard for him to get around, but nevertheless he decided to run in his school's field day race. It's clear from the start that it's going to be a challenge, but Matt gives it his all. When his energy flags midway, Mr. Blaine, his gym teacher and one of his best friends (awww), comes out to support him. By the middle of his second lap all of his classmates—including those who've already finished the race he's still plugging away at—have gathered around him and begun a spontaneous cheer that carries him along to the end. By the time he crosses the finish line there will be a five Kleenex-alarm fire of joy burning in your heart.


[Via The Daily What]

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What? I'm not crying. This is just extra toughness leaking out of my eyes. It happens from time to time... when you're as tough as I am. I mean, I'm so tough there's no way these could be tears...

(Seriously? Holy shit. Actually crying. What a plucky kid, and what a wonderful school community he is a part of. I love it.)