Your Morning Aww: Kashmiri School Children Sing 'Rolling in the Deep'

Well, this is an adorable way to kick off your day: Here's a group of kids from the Haji Public School, a not-for-profit K-4 institution located in Jammu and Kashmir, India, performing one of the cutest versions of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" that you'll ever see. There's something so uplifting about hearing kids sing and sound like actual kids. Forget eerie and adultlike vocals, these kids have enthusiasm and the moves to back it up.


Now the real question: Is the Haji Public School the P.S. 22 of India or is P.S. 22 the Haji Public School of America?

(For more details on the Haji Public School, go here and here.)



The choreography! The faces!! Oh my lord, this is the coolest.