Your Man Jeff Goldblum Shills Lightbulbs in Delightfully Weird GE Ad

How did I know you wanted to watch Jeff Goldblum wear a volumized shaggy wig and talk about how his beauty has benefited from good lighting, while shirtless and sitting in a hot tub? How didn't I know?


General Electric tapped the talents of Tim and Eric of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job for this truly bizarre (though not that bizarre for that gruesome twosome tbh) "infomercial" about, well, lightbulbs. And an app.

It's no Brule's Rules with Dr. Steve Brule, but it'll do. Oh yes, Mr. Goldblum, it'll do. MANDATORY BUCKAROO BANZAI GIF, ACTIVATE:

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Rooo sez BISH PLZ

I have never been able to sit through the totality either of The Fly or of Mr. Frost.

Deep Cover is kind of hard too.

I can always watch the beginning, tho.