Your Health: Still in Danger!

Other than the possibility that you might be having a much-needed lobotomy (finally, peace!), there are few pluses to feeling like there's a power saw slowly slicing its way through your frontal lobe. According to the September issue of Stroke, which sadly is not an adult magazine, women who get migraines with trippy visual symptoms are 1.5 times more likely to experience a stroke, though lab-coat folks consider this a "weak risk factor." But in the case of our throbbing heads, the news is considerably worse:

Women who had migraines and used oral contraceptives and smoked had a sevenfold increased risk of stroke, compared with women who had migraines with visual symptoms and didn't smoke or use oral birth control.

Lovely! So if we want to stay calm and thin and happily barren, we'll eventually end up with some creepy, bitch-titted male nurse spoon-feeding us tapoica pudding. Yeah, we blame the Catholics too.


Women With Migraines at Higher Risk of Stroke [Forbes]

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