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Your favorite non-Bjork 90s indie rock chanteuse Liz Phair is writing a novel! This way hopefully, Avril Lavigne's evil production team can't fuck it up and she will have to do that all herself. We learn this courtesy the New York Times Book Review, which mini-profiled her (and had someone draw a really flattering illustration of her) to accompany her review of Black Postcards, a memoir by Luna frontman Dean Wareham. [NYT]


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@fakehardcore: I've read a couple of them, they're ok. I like her better as an author than as the self-alleged token female star of Britpop, but that's mostly because I had a girlcrush on Justine Frischmann long before I knew who Louise Wener was.

I just want to say regarding the actual post: thank you Jezzies for bringing this over here without causing the stabbity feelings the Idolator headline about it inspired.