Your Evening Cry: Adorable Blind Puppy Is Newest Member of Albuquerque Baseball Team

Here's a story to warm the icy cockles of your heart. Weeks ago, several teammates from the Isotopes, Albuquerque's minor league baseball team, were volunteering at an animal shelter in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. While there, pitcher John Ely met and fell in love with a 6-month-old German shepherd mix named Stevie Wonder who, due to abuse and infection, had lost both his eyes. Ely adopted the dog and Stevie has since become a part of the team, coming to practices, playing with the players and hanging out in the locker room. In fact, Stevie is such a hit that the entire team are working to financially support him.


Says Ely, "He won everyone over, so we all agreed to pitch in. Everyone loves him. The players, the coaches, clubhouse guys, everyone. Stevie's way more popular around here than I am."

Apparently, Stevie's lack of sight hasn't made him any less of a puppy. Though he has the occasional stumble, Ely says he's figuring his way around: "He's got a great sense of smell and great hearing. So he kind of sniffs his way around and now it seems like he walks around without any issues at all. He's got no eyes, but he's about as happy as they get."

Way to go, Stevie and the Albuquerque Isotopes — may you be blessed with a winning season!

Puppy becomes newest member of Albuquerque Isotopes [KOB]



Can I have the puppy AND the pitcher? Yum.