Your Delta Airline Sandwich May Now Come With a Pointy Serving of Needles

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At least five sandwiches served aboard four various Delta flights from Amsterdam to the United States this past Sunday were found to be contaminated with sewing needles, leaving two passengers suffering with minor mouth injuries. The sandwiches were made by U.S. company Gate Gourmet at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport. The FBI is now investigating.


Says Delta spokeswoman Kristen Bauer:

"Delta is taking this matter extremely seriously and is cooperating with local and federal authorities who are investigating the incident. Delta has taken immediate action with our in-flight caterer at Amsterdam to ensure the safety and quality of the food we provide onboard our aircraft."


Added Gate Gourmet spokeswoman Christina Ulosevich:

"Gate Gourmet immediately launched a full investigation to determine the root cause of this disturbing incident, and we are treating this as a criminal act. Nothing is more important to Gate Gourmet than the safety and well-being of the traveling public. The company also is cooperating fully with investigations by local and federal authorities and by our customer."

The threat of finding a needle in something as innocuous as a turkey sandwich is worrying enough, but let's not lose sight of the real question here: There are airlines that still serve in-flight meals?


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Hmmmm, five needles found in two separate flights and the two people that bit into them happen to be father & son - on different planes? And the son won't turn his needle over to police because he wants it as evidence in a future suit? Um, Sonny? It can STILL be used as civil evidence after police use it to investigate a criminal act. Why does this sound a bit iffy to me? Especially after seeing the dad making the media rounds today talking about how he's now frightened of eating in ANY restaurant ANYWHERE!! Something's not right here.