The modern workplace is rife with obstacles. Glass ceilings. Sexual harassers. Unpaid maternity leave. Creepy delivery guys. And eating underminers! The UK's Daily Telegraph reports that your eager-to-please, perky, perfectionist 24-year-old assistant - you know, the one with the big, constantly-refilled bowl of M&Ms on her desk and the demeanor that's just a little too nice? β€” is a size-4, All About Eve-type saboteur in disguise, or, what the Brits like to call, a 'biscuit pusher'!

'There's a girl in my office whom we call the Tuck Shop,' says 27-year-old Lou, who works in television. 'She's always offering something to snack on, and keeps huge supplies of crisps and chocolate by her desk. She's really skinny, too.'


Yeah, what a bitch! We bet her name is Jessica!

What Lou has identified is a 'biscuit pusher': a woman who will buy sickly 'treats' for others and not eat any herself. Perhaps she just wants to be popular with her colleagues. Gabrielle, 35, recalls working with another 'biscuit pusher' - purveyor of office HobNobs, which she never ate herself, almost every afternoon - who was eventually diagnosed as anorexic and ended up in a clinic for eating disorders.

Honestly, that scenario sounds just like the workplace version of when we go grocery shopping, buy junk food, and then sweetly pawn it off on our boyfriends. In fact, it sounds exactly the same. Except for, uh, the 'skinny' part!


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