You can breathe a sigh of relief: Your cesarean won't make your child obese, as suggested by a controversial Brazilian study last year, the theory of which is part of the "hygiene hypothesis" which claims a link between a lack of exposure to certain bacteria in the birth canal during vaginal delivery to subsequent problems with the immune system and obesity. No, you will make your child obese. Because you're fat and poor. This new information comes to us via another study that states that the previous study didn't take other factors into account, like "family income, birth weight, schooling and the mother's weight, height, age and smoking habits."

According to Dr. David Ludwig, who was not part of the study, "the most simple explanation would be that more obese women require more Cesarean sections than lean women…and it's really not the C-section itself." So there you have it. I guess we can be expecting new trend pieces popping up, replacing "too posh to push" with "too pudgy to push"?


Study: Your Child is Not Fat Because You Had a C-section [Mother Jones]

Image via Marlon Lopez/Shutterstock

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