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Your Afternoon Cry: High School Basketball Player Passes Ball to Intellectually Disabled Player on the Other Team

Oh, it's nothing, I just have something in my eye. Something big. It's a basketball.


A high school basketball coach in El Paso, Texas, decided to put his team's manager—Mitchell, a basketball superfan with intellectual challenges—into the game at the end of the 4th quarter. The team was ahead, but not by much, and what happened next was apparently manufactured in some sort of alien lab that milks human tears for fuel. Watch, sob, repeat.

High School basketball player passes ball to mentally challenged player on the other team [StatesmanJournal]

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I work at a non-profit for people with disabilities. I struggle watching things like this, because the behavior that we see as "sweet" is actually rather patronizing. I mean, I'm really glad that Mitchell got to have such an exciting moment; but when most people play basketball, they want to make a shot for their team, not make a pity-shot with an assist from a player on the opposite team. People with disabilities are capable of understanding these nuances, too. It smacks a bit of mascot-ism. It will be a better day when treating an individual with a disability like a human is not so rare that it makes national news.