Your Afternoon Cry: Dog and Owner Reunited Months After a Car Accident Came Between Them

Barbara Bagley was in a car accident on December 27th that killed her husband and one of their dogs and left her critically injured. Dooley, their 4-year-old Shetland sheepdog, was also in the car but got spooked and ran off after the crash. Bagley, who lives in Salt Lake City, never gave up hope that they'd be reunited, and as soon as she was well enough, she went out searching for her beloved dog in the wilds of northeastern Nevada near where the accident had occurred.

After getting the word out about him, people spotted him a few times, but he was skittish. Finally, using some clever thinking, they managed to corner him and grab him. It was February 18th when he and Bagley had their tearful reunion. Dooley had survived for 53 days in the desert, and had dropped 24 pounds. Bagley thinks it is her late husband who is responsible for the dog's safe return: "It's a message from my husband who was looking out for him. It was a miracle that we got Dooley. He couldn't have survived much longer out there."


For his part, Dooley seems very happy to be back with Bagley, and now he likes to follow her around just to be sure they aren't separated again, no doubt.

Dog survives 53 days in wild, reunited with owner [AP]

Image via KSL

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