"Female office juniors are almost twice as likely to die from drinking too much than the rest of the population, new figures have revealed." So begins a sobering story in today's Telegraph. Oh, and Lindsay Lohan should note: actresses are 1.8 times as likely to die from alcohol than the general population — followed by women who work as hairdressers, who are at 1.4 times the general risk. But working women have it as bad as sailors: seafarers in the merchant marine were twice as likely to die from alcohol related causes such as cirrhosis, poisoning and pancreatitis. Awesome! As I was writing this post and daydreaming about having a gin and tonic, Anna informed me that she was going to have a beer...


A toast to Jezebel! Where cirrhosis is encouraged.

Female Secretaries 'At Risk From Alcohol' [Telegraph]

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