Your After-Work Cocktail Is Killing You

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"Female office juniors are almost twice as likely to die from drinking too much than the rest of the population, new figures have revealed." So begins a sobering story in today's Telegraph. Oh, and Lindsay Lohan should note: actresses are 1.8 times as likely to die from alcohol than the general population — followed by women who work as hairdressers, who are at 1.4 times the general risk. But working women have it as bad as sailors: seafarers in the merchant marine were twice as likely to die from alcohol related causes such as cirrhosis, poisoning and pancreatitis. Awesome! As I was writing this post and daydreaming about having a gin and tonic, Anna informed me that she was going to have a beer...

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A toast to Jezebel! Where cirrhosis is encouraged.

Female Secretaries 'At Risk From Alcohol' [Telegraph]

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Why is that these white women who are celebrities receive hardly ANY jail time (paris did less than a month, nicole will get about four days, lindsay gets one day) but black women get harsher sentences at more dangerous prisons. Why does foxy brown gets sent to Rikers for violating parole but paris gets her own room and sent home early (apparently when white women are "upset" because prison isn't as fun as they thought they get sent home for house arrest but I doubt a black celebrity would be treated that way) although they both violated parole.

When a white woman acts like a spoiled brat with an inflated sense of entitlement who is rude and nasty to taxi drivers and waiters, drinks in front of her children and is too lazy to show up for work when she is being paid for it, she gets a cover on a fashion magazine and women here will write that she is actually a feminist and her behavior is not simply because she is a pathetic, spoiled brat (who by the way is NOT a teenager - at her age most women act like adults) yet a black woman acting that way would be CRUCIFIED by people.

Why isn't Beyonce on the cover of Allure? Because she works hard for her career, shows up for work, doesn't go without wearing panties, and doesn't drive drunk?

I'm getting real tired of the all the attention these vacuous, shallow white women get in the media.