Young Woman Locks Dude in Basement and Attempts to Train Him, Coming Soon to a TV Near You

A novel by Eric Garcia — Cassandra French's Finishing School for Boys — is being turned into an MTV drama, produced by Krysten Ritter and starring Rose McIver. McIver, whom you may recognize from The Lovely Bones, will play Cassie French, a successful young lawyer at a Hollywood studio. But, according to The Hollywood Reporter, there's a catch:

The men she meets are not mature enough to date her. When her latest hope at love crosses the line and in the process knocks himself unconscious, she decides to lock him in her basement and train him to become the perfect gentleman.


The story is supposed to be a comedic look at dating, with "an endearingly amoral heroine," and a lady trying to makeover her man — both aesthetically and emotionally — is a tried-and-true romcom trope. It's interesting that a man wrote a story about a woman wanting men to be better. And weirdly, less creepy than if a man had written about a man locking a woman in the basement.

MTV Taps 'Lovely Bones' Actress to Star in 'Cassandra French' Pilot (Exclusive) [The Hollywood Reporter]
Cassandra French's Finishing School for Boys

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