These days, young GOP women don pink pajama pants and hold extremely dull-sounding (and creepy) Newt Gringrich-themed sleepovers when they want to have a rollicking good time. But, once upon a time and not so long ago, some Republican ladies had a sense of humor and knew how to throw a party. LIFE magazine has a fantastic selection of photos from a 1941 meeting of the Young Women's Republican Club in Milford, Connecticut, in which the gals "explored the pleasures of tobacco, poker, the strip tease and such other masculine enjoyments as had frequently cost them the evening companionship of husbands, sons and brothers."

You see, "smokers" were informal social gatherings for men, and these women wanted in, and — even cooler — they wanted to prove that they deserved in. Click through the sideshow to see Republican ladies drinking spiked punch, smoking pipes, playing cards, watching a private burlesque show, and overall having a blast. Think about how jealous you are that these women aren't your friends, and then consider how depressing and backwards it is that most modern conservative women spend their time convincing their constituencies to overturn Roe v. Wade rather than fighting for equal rights (or the right to party).


GOP Women Party Hard, 1941 [LIFE]

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