Young Jeezy Bought Out Entire Theater To Treat Moviegoers to Annie

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It's time for some happy holiday news, for a change.

Much like the Grinch overwhelmed by the singing of the Whos down in Whoville, celebrities can aslo be touched by the warmth of the holiday season. Case in point: rapper Young Jeezy, who surprised the HELL out of a group of Atlanta moviegoers by treating them to a free showing of the movie Annie. He bought out an entire screening and he even bought popcorn for everyone.


The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports:

Tenisha Bell planned on treating relatives to a Tuesday afternoon showing of Annie. But when the Atlanta mother arrived at Movies ATL in Camp Creek with her son, godmother and three others in tow, Bell learned she didn't have to pull out her wallet.

"Jeezy was even passing out the popcorn himself," Bell told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "What a wonderful way to pay it forward this holiday season."

This story is too adorable to be contained in mere words and requires the summoning of a thousand fluffy bunnies kissing your cheek as pink hearts rain down all around you.

[Atlanta Journal Constitution]

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THE GREATEST CHRISTMAS SONG IN THE HISTORY OF TIME. Happy Holidays! I'm outta here until Sunday. I hope Santa brings you all the useless shit you drunkenly added to your Amazon wish list this year. Bye, y'all!

Image via Twitter/Tenisha Bell.


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