Young Beauty Sells Her Body, Breaks Our Hearts

On Friday night, Diane Sawyer's much-publicized, 2-hour 20/20 "investigation" of the state of prostitution in America aired, and for the most part, it was a disappointment. There was little to no mention of the societal/gender structures that lead to women selling their bodies for money, and the prostitutes featured tended to fall into two camps: Down-on-their-luck, drug-abusing streetwalker types (who hate the situation they are in) or women working in legal Nevada brothels (who, if they hate the situation they are in, are not saying so.) One of the most depressing — and poignant — moments, however, came from a woman in the former category: A Philadelphia prostitute named Skylar who sat down with Sawyer for a short talk and impromptu singing performance. For whatever reason, she, more than anyone else, stuck with us, maybe because at the end of the program we learned that, after taping, she disappeared without a trace. Clip above.

Prostitution In America [ABC News]


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@SarahMC: It is disgusting how some men abuse women, because they can. But I do believe that a woman has to really get to a lonely and desperate place to submit to this. It just goes against every norm in society.