Young Actresses Aren't the Only Ones Scarred by Sleazy Hollywood Encounters

The classic Hollywood exploitation story involves a young/naive struggling actress, a sleazy older man, and the promise of fame. But there's another sad tale to be told: That of the male child actor, sexually abused by a man with "connections." Former child stars Todd Bridges and Corey Feldman are teaming up to support a bill which would require talent managers, photographers and all the behind-the-scenes folks who have unsupervised access to child performers to provide fingerprints and submit to criminal background checks. Both Bridges and Feldman were molested by men when they were teens, and both turned to drugs afterward.

"I cannot imagine why even one politician would object to it passing," Bridges tells the Los Angeles Times. "Without these types of precautions, Hollywood will continue to attract pedophiles with an unmonitored playing field to commit their inhumane acts."


Feldman says: "I think it should have been implemented years ago."

And these are just two voices, in a decades-old business. Imagine all the things that happened that we don't know about.


Two former teen idols back bill to protect child actors [LA Times]

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