You Will Love James Deen as the Ikea Monkey

Here is porn star James Deen posing as Darwin, the beloved shearling coat-wearing monkey found wandering in Ikea. Why would James Deen do such a thing? In his own words:

why??? BECAUSE I AM A BABY PANDA AND I DO WHAT I WANT!!!!!!!!! me and the boys from were all hanging out and decided that if i imitated the ikea monkey it would make us laugh. so i did it. NO other reason other than i felt like it. plus that monkey is pretty damn cute. i like being associated with cute things because then when people look at me they will subconsciously think i am cute. BOOM!!!!! there is my secret. i am actually very weird looking but i take pictures with kittens and tell people i am a baby panda so they automatically assume i am adorable even though i am just a large nosed skinny jewish kid with a medium sized penis…


Makes sense. Below, feel free to compare and contrast and spot the differences.


[Twitter, James Deen Blog (NSFW)]

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