You Wanna Be On Top

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Do yourself a favor and read "America's Next Top Fashion Editor," Moe Tkacik's story in this week's New York magazine. It's the epic tale of Nina Garcia, Anne Slowey, Elle, Project Runway and the new CW show Stylista (starring Elle fashion editor Slowey). Plus! The appeal of fashion-related reality TV, "the crack rock of programming." You'll learn the differences between Garcia and Slowey (closets: "Slowey's is small, East Village, overflowing with vintage finds; Garcia's is cavernous, color-coded, and situated in an apartment overlooking Central Park.") as well as the events surrounding Garcia's departure from Elle. (She's now at Marie Claire.) As for Stylista, which premieres in October? Anne Slowey says: "I don't even know what reality is anymore." [New York Magazine]

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Juicy piece, Moe!