You Wanna Be On Top

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There's a whole new dimension added to this upcoming cycle of America's Next Top Model—genital mutilation. According to Us Weekly, one of the contestants, Fatima, has quite a horrific past. Growing up in Somalia, she underwent a female circumcision, and then two of her sisters were murdered before she fled the country at age 13. That's nuts, right? We're kinda inclined to say, "Tyra, she's been through enough! Don't you dare tell her to ever 'make it fashion,' and just let her win the damn fake modeling competition." [FourFour]


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Her body is fierce, to know she went through something like that breaks my heart. I liked her the most after the 'plus size' girl, now I have to change my mind. This will probably sound all sorts of wrong, but her skin is the most amazing color I think I've ever seen. If Tyra gives her the Heather treatment I'm sending her a burnt up weave in the mail...