Past studies have shown that people who sit for too long are more likely to develop deadly diseases (diabetes, cancer, other fun stuff). Now, a new study from Northwestern University has found that physically active women also spend too much time on their asses, because even those who work out every day spend as much time sitting as their lazier peers.

From EurekaAlert:

This research is the latest indication that public health recommendations should be established to encourage Americans to limit the amount of time they spend sitting every day, said Lynette L. Craft, first author of the study and an adjunct assistant professor in preventive medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

“We all know someone who gets a good workout in every day, but then spends a large portion of their day sitting in front of a computer with few breaks,” Craft said. “If these people could replace some of the sitting with light activity—-just getting up, moving around, maybe standing up when talking on the phone, walking down the hall instead of sending an email—-we do think they could gain health benefits.”

TL;DR: If you are not jogging RIGHT NOW, you are sitting too much.

But seriously: how many more similar studies will I read until I’m shamed/scared into buying an exercise desk? Or at least start walking down the street to get my lunch?


(Image via LifeSpan Fitness)