You Mean You Only Have One Vagina?

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The topic of women with two vaginas has been fertile (sorry) territory for Tyra Banks. But now it appears the condition may be pretty common. The World Health Organization says 1 in every 3,000 women has a double-vadge, and the director of maternal fetal medicine at a Philly hospital says, "We see many couples, maybe one a month or more" (I guess he means straight couples where the lady has two vaginas, although if two women who each had two got together, that would be sort of awesome). Maybe those of us with singleton ladybits (ladybit?) should consider ourselves poorly-endowed.

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A friend of mine has two uterusses (uteri?). Early in her pregnancy, she thought she was miscarrying because she was bleeding and cramping, turned out it was the other uterus - that's how they found out about it.