You know how you'll hear a really crazy news story, and just shake your head, and then before you've even had a chance to digest the initial bizarre-factor you'll be hit with another almost-equally crazy detail? Okay, so, Mark Anderson, the California dentist who (alleg) felt up the tits of 27 patients in what were attempts to cure some made-up disorder — which is why, you know, he had to feel underneath their bras — is asking not to have his license taken away because he has seven children to support. Seven! (And he stopped molesting his dental patients at the tits?) (Related: why not gynecology, Dr. Anderson?) Okay, but back to the original headscratcher: why did these women keep going to this guy for years and years? He says he can't stop treating women patients because it would kill his practice, but California isn't exactly rural/desolate/underpopulated. Is he giving $20 root canals or something? And is this a troubling sign of what we can expect if the country's medical crisis stays on course? In ten years will all of us be, ahem, "playing" doctor in order to see the doctor?? [Sacramento Bee]