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You know all that hullabaloo always going on regarding the merits of breastfeeding? It seems that breast milk is only going to make your kid smarter if they are genetically predisposed to, uh, be smarter. A gene that influences how we process nutrients has been identified. And when it's present in a child who has been breastfed, that kid has higher IQ. But if it's not there, a child doesn't benefit, IQ-wise, from breastfeeding at all. So what does that mean for mommies? When it comes to feeding your kids, do whatever the hell you want. Except you, Britney. [NYT]


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By breastfeeding my kid for a year and a half, I saved upwards of $2000 on fomula, not to mention all the bottles and other accoutrements I didn't have to buy, store or eventually throw away.

Human milk is better for babies. It's not a negligible point or a feminist issue; it's a fact.

Sometimes there are some good reasons to forgo nursing. But it's not appropriate to say "whatever, it's all the same." It's not. the. same. Perpetuating the notion that it makes little difference what you choose is detrimental to mothers and babies, especially considering the abysmal rate of breastfeeding in this country.

We're mammals. It's, you know, kind of in the job decription.