Elizabeth Colbert Busch Endorsed by S.C. Paper That Endorsed Mittens

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A mere two days separate Elizabeth Colbert Busch, braintrust in the AmeriCone Dream, from her date with destiny in the special election for the House seat in South Carolina’s 1st congressional district. Will she triumph over the itinerant former Gov. Mark Sanford, or will she be forced back to the Colbert ice cream factory to quality test waffle bits? (Just kidding — ECB is a successful businesswoman in her own right, filthy waffle bits be damned.)

A Colbert win would be a big deal in the heavily-Republican 1st congressional district, but the sister of comedic genius Stephen Colbert has already made a lasting impression on South Carolinians, so much so that the Charleston Post And Courier gave Colbert its inky stamp of approval on Sunday, heralding her as, “A new leader for the Lowcountry.”

The Post And Courier continued:

For the many who suffer from Sanford Fatigue — a malady caused by overexposure to all of the cringe-worthy details of his 2009 disgrace as governor, his ongoing efforts for redemption via the political process, his resurgent personal problems, etc. — Ms. Colbert Busch offers a welcome tonic.


The paper’s endorsement comes as fairly significant news — the Post And Courier has endorsed plenty of prominent Republican candidates in the past, including Sen. Tim Scott and President of Sadfaces Mitt Romney. Maybe the Post And Courier isn’t so much enamored with Busch as it is tired of Sanford, but that’s fine — judging from the listless expression on his face, Mark Sanford is probably tired of Mark Sanford, too.


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You keep referring to her as Colbert. Shouldn't it be a Busch win, and the Post and Courier gave Busch its stamp of approval? (Or, as the P&C said...Colbert Busch? But not just Colbert.)

Just sayin'.