Nate was a film student, which is not all you need to know, but if you have dated a film student you may feel a twinge of familiarity with the sort of behavior he exhibited with his freshman year girlfriend Jessica, which we hope you otherwise find completely ghastly/foreign. Nate met Jessica during that most vulnerable of life stages, the first month of the freshman fall semester at NYU of all super-healthy, affirming places, and the two immediately commenced that kind of exciting and annoying-to-be-around college love affair. Three months into which she learned about Michelle, his high school girlfriend, who was still in high school and still somehow thought they were together. So after a wrenching confrontation, Jessica resolved over the holidays, to keep her distance, break up, blah blah, never again....until Jake returned to college single and desperate to get back together! And so, reluctantly-but-hornily, she did, and all was typical until the end of March, when Michelle emailed her. And โ€” you anticipated this part! โ€” informed her she was still dating Jake. And that Jake had told her he'd rejected Jessica! At which Jessica wearily explained her side of the story to Michelle, and received the following specimen of delusional film school disorder on Facebook.

To: Jessica
From: Nate

How dare you?

I hope you're quite satisfied with yourself, with your insidious lies and the nonchalant way in which you have strewn them across my life.

Who are you to come from nowhere and invent situations, allowing them to happen in the ways in which you wish things were instead of the cold brutal rejection that I gave you?

You have lied, and thus you have sinned. You have taken away from me the one thing in this world that brought me true happiness, my only solace in this cold dark world - the love that I shared and indeed my relationship with Michelle.

Coupled with this, you have done the only thing worse than take away my solitary joy: you have caused emotional distress to the object of my affection, to the girl who has been nothing but kind to me, a friend who has never let me down. Michelle is a fragile girl, she is easily stressed, and your lies have shouldered her with a burden I fear she cannot bear.


I can only imagine the sick joy that watching this tragedy, this pain that seeps from gaping hearts, must bring you.

You have destroyed true love. I can't imagine how much guilt I would feel in your situation. To take such a pleasure in devastating is disgusting.

If your conscience catches up to you, you are free to admit your wrongs and apologize not only to me, but to the girl whom I love.


Otherwise, I am truly glad that I never did any of the things you claimed that I had in your message to her. If I had, my self-loathing would have no doubt killed me by now. If you are truly a being without conscience, then you might consider learning how to pray for your tarnished soul."