You Can't Unsee or Unhear This Kiss From TLC's New Love at First Kiss Dating Show

Love at First Kiss is a reality dating show in which contestants kiss each other and then decide if they want more. Here’s a clip you can’t un-see.


According to People, the show, which premieres August 3 on TLC, “takes singles and has them go beyond their comfort zones by kissing a total stranger, with no introduction in order to find out if one kiss can lead to love.” If the pair feels good about the kiss, a speed date ensues. If not, they return to misery.

Watch the clip below, where MMA fighter Shondo, 31, and Amanda, 29, share a slimy, audible kiss that lasts a good 20 seconds. It’s riveting, gross TV. “I’m a hunter. That is my dating style,” says Shondo. “I like to pick out a gazelle and I like to track her down. I like to clip the back leg out from under her and I like to bite her in the back of the neck.” Right...

Culture Editor, Jezebel


Ok, now watch this one: