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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

You Can't Stop The Duggar Family Baby Makin' Machine

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
  • Jim and Michelle Duggar, who just welcomed their 18th child, say they're already considering number 19. "We both would love to have more," father Jim says. Attention, Duggars: THERE AREN'T ANY J NAMES LEFT. [People]
  • Courtney Love is skipping her meds while recording her new album. "I'm off antidepressants for the moment because my album producer wants me to feel the rage, wants me to be really angry, wants me to face the demons," Love says, "And I am so f***ing angry!" [DailyExpress]
  • Guns N'Roses drummer Steven Adler, a graduate of Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab, has been ordered by a judge to attend a state-sponsored drug rehab program. [Yahoo]
  • Katie Holmes will be skipping the Golden Globes this year, even though her husband, Tom Cruise, has been nominated for his supporting role in Tropic Thunder. Instead, the actress is choosing to end her run in the Broadway show All My Sons: “Katie’s decided to stay and her do last show,” says her rep, “She won’t be going with Tom to the Globes. The cast of 'All My Sons' has been like a family and they want to end it together.”[FoxNews]
  • Kristin Chenoweth has signed on as a cast member in David E. Kelley's newest series about wacky lawyers and their wacky lawyer ways. In Legally Mad, Chenoweth will play "Skippy Pylon, a cheerful and brilliant attorney who nonetheless exhibits flashes of psychosis — and enjoys being mistaken for a teenager."[Variety]
  • Did Posh put the kibosh on a one-on-one interview between her husband Becks and reporter IIaria D'Amico? [DailyMail]
  • Zhang Ziyi has been voted the most beautiful person in China by a Beijing newspaper. ""I don't pay a lot of attention to matters of appearance," Ziyi said in response, "Beautiful women are fundamentally independent and confident." [IHT]
  • Cosmopolitan has apologized to Scarlett Johansson for fabricating quotes about her marriage: "Cosmopolitan would like to apologise to our readers and Scarlett Johansson for inaccuracies in our January issue where we said she talked about her marriage and her relationship with her husband. We now understand Ms Johansson has not commented publicly on her married life and did not do so on this occasion." Whoops! [Guardian]
  • Jermaine Dupri is insisting that his girlfriend, Janet Jackson, is not pregnant, despite reports to the contrary. [US Magazine]
  • Also? Britney Spears is not dating Benji Madden. And I am not in 2002, typing this, though it feels like I should be. [US Magazine]
  • Baylee Littrell, 6-year-old son of Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell, has been hospitalized for undisclosed reasons. "He will be starting a treatment this afternoon," a message on Littrell's website reads, "and the Littrell family asks that all Backstreet Boys fans please remember him in prayer during this trying time." Get well soon! [People]
  • Classic TV Game Show fans rejoice: The Newlywed Game is back! [FishbowlLA]
  • Hugh Hefner suddenly doesn't seem so thrilled about the idea of ex-girlfriend Kendra Wilkinson's marriage: "“There may be a moment at the ceremony when I have second thoughts," Hefner says, "I may have to negotiate this." Yes, Hef. Because nothing says "true love" like another round of contract negotiations. [TheSun]