You Can Still Go Out And Get Drunk When You're Prego, Just Not Every Night

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There's so totally hope for Jayden James! Well, except for the DNA part. A new study is showing that women who get loaded now and again during pregnancy are no more likely than the sobers to harm their babies in any sort of lasting way. Naturally, reading the stories about this new finding you can practically hear the sighs of resignation being heaved by the nation's copy editors being forced to put this dangerous information out into the ether. The rules change for moms who get drunk every night, of course, and drinking seems to get less dangerous in the latter two trimesters, but the good news is you can fall off the wagon and have "five or more" drinks a few times in a pregnancy and it's not probably going to do anything bad to your baby. And the really good news? Having five or more drinks during pregnancy is apparently a behavior that has become MORE common in the past 30 years. [Science Daily]


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It was established that was some kind of herbal thing, right?

Also: Why does Britney look *so much better* pregnant there than she does un-pregnant now? Or even between Baby 1 and Baby 2? It almost makes me sad... almost.