You Can Now Bid on Jennifer Lawrence's Dirty Sports Bra

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Of course, it might cost you a couple thousand, and that's only if the bidding stops there — it might go higher in an auction of two sweaty, stinky pieces of her Silver Linings Playbook costume.


Included in the lot are the teal sports bra and blue long-sleeved shirt that graced her body during filming. In case you're considering wearing them yourself, the racerback sports bra by Gap Body is a size 36C, and the shirt by Threads 4 Thought is size XS. According to the auction site, both garments are in "near fine" condition, and they come with a Certificate of Authenticity from Premiere Props.

Just think, for the mere cost of a semester's tuition or a decent used car, you could be guaranteed boob buddies with your imaginary bestie. The question is — were they washed? That's gotta be the most pertinent bit of info for many, and it's mentioned nowhere. Good luck, pervs and enormously wealthy pig pens!


[via People]

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JLaw, we have the same boobie size. Want to talk shop? Like how 36Cs are almost never in stock, so I had to go lose five pounds just so I could find a goddamn bra for once?