And speaking of The Sun really caring about catwalk pants poopers, we were delighted to welcome the paper's campaign to ban size zero models for London's upcoming Fashion Week.

"The models are not just a danger to themselves, they also act as role models for impressionable young girls and women across the country, who have an average dress size of 16.", thunders Rupert Murdoch's bastard print-splattered child.

All well and good, but we can't help thinking that the campaign is just a teensy weensy bit undermined by the article just above it, entitled 'How the A List fit their frocks. EVER wondered how Hollywood's hottest starlets slim down for Awards season? From Jessica's taut tum to Pammy's pert bum, we round up the secrets behind the hottest A-list bodies.'

Size zero, anyone?

[Thin is bad]
[Except in Hollywood]