How many types of orgasms do you think a woman's downstairs business can achieve? One? Two? A THOUSAND? Well, there's actually been a fair share of debate about it in the scientific community, with some arguing that two types are possible (one through vaginal stimulation and the other through clitoral) and others saying that both types of orgasms are actually the same thing — just accessed from different points in the body (the vagina and the external part of the clitoris).

Recently, two scientists, on behalf of Discover, set out to see which theory was correct. What they found was that women can potentially have two very different types of orgasms, EMOTIONAL and SPIRITUAL. (JK, it's aaaaaaall physical.)


The scientists began by using an ultrasound along with a flat probe and a vaginal probe on "three healthy volunteers."

From Discover:

We used functional sonography of the stimulated clitoris either during manual self-stimulation of the external clitoris or during vaginal penetration with a wet tampon.

And what were the results?

The sagittal scans obtained during external stimulation and vaginal penetration demonstrated that the root of the clitoris is not involved with external clitoral stimulation. In contrast, during vaginal stimulation, because of the movements and displacements, the whole CUV complex and the clitoral roots in particular are involved, showing functional differences depending on the type of stimulation. The color signal indicating flow speed in the veins mirrored the anatomical changes.

In other words, both types of orgasms are clitoral, but the parts of the clit that are responding are completely different. WHERE DOES THIS STUDY GET OFF?