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Suspicious news out today: Malia and Sasha Obama get weekly allowances of: ONE DOLLAR A WEEK. Now, I understand that those two don't exactly have to worry about filling up the Dodge Ram in times like this, but seriously, a dollar? About the best thing one dollar will get you these days is four chicken McNuggets. (Or wait, two cigarettes.) Even I recall getting three dollars, I think, although I don't remember because I am fucking old, but anyway, presupposing that in today's dollars that is $5.78. Of course, slut dolls and handheld electronic toys were probably made in countries with higher living standards than Laos in those days, but that is more than offset by the fact that Crayola crayons are not only still manufactured in Pennsylvania, rising commodity prices have sent the price of a 24-crayon box soaring to $4.95. That's 35 made beds.


Okay, seriously, I have no idea whether commodity prices have anything to do with crayon prices. Binney & Smith, which is now called Crayola LLC, makes crayons mostly from wax, which I guess is made from oil, but really, the point is, most people are probably not mature enough to spend money wisely (ahem, Dick Cheney) and the Obamas know this, and kids probably don't even need allowances now that Babysitters Club books are no longer being released. And from the looks of Malia and Sasha's outfits, they are probably best letting their mom make their purchasing decisions for the next few years. So suck it, Cato Institution.

Obama Daughters Keep Hectic Schedules Of Their Own [AP]

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