You Are YouTubing Halloween Make-up Tutorials Right Now

Because you haven't seen enough Michelle Phan in your life: the beauty vlogger's been featuring her old Halloween make-up tutorials on YouTube, and WWD wrote a piece lauding the seasonality of her uploads and how you, the internet, are INTO IT, saying the beauty industry should follow her lead.

Above is a rather terrifying tutorial showing you how to dress up like Zombie Audrey Hepburn. Phan posted it one week ago and it already has 1.2 million views.

That's pretty legit. But then again, if the beauty companies need WWD to tell them to plan seasonally (which, um, don't they?), they're in bigger trouble than they know, and should probably fire their marketing departments.


Anyway, Michelle Phan is the genius of YouTube, and she knows how to do Halloween right. In this one from last year, she shows you how to do "Mexican Day of the Dead sugar skulls" which, by the way, are called calaveras (please know this if you dress up as one).

Phan's also got a few good Halloween ideas that don't involve much make-up, like "50 Shades of Grey," a Tinder troll, and Banksy's "Flower Bomber."

According to WWD, though, Phan's most successful video—and the most-watched make-up tutorial on YouTube, period—is her Barbie transformation tutorial, which has received nearly 57 million views in five years. You could dress up as Barb for Halloween, too.

Here's a more random video of Phan's "Halloween faves" that includes candy, and audiobook, and a super-easy way to dress up as Rosie the Riveter. Two million views.

Anyway, according to WWD, once Halloween is over we're all going to start searching YouTube for dry skin remedies, because it will be winter, and because duh. Just to get you a head start, here's Phan's advice for a homemade sugar olive oil scrub, which will hydrate and soften.

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I like Michelle Phan and her transformations are pretty amazing, but as someone who is half-Caucasian and half-Mexican, I'm not really crazy about the idea of someone who's not Mexican dressing up as a calavera. Maybe it's just me?