Yogurt Locks In Grey Sweatshirt Female Demographic • Study Says Virginity Pledges Help Teens Wait

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Video looks at yogurt's advertising for women: "Yogurt eaters come from every race, but just one socio-economic class: the class that wears gray hoodies. It's that 'I have a Masters, but then I got married' look!"• A man has been accused of running an Asian prostitution ring in Seattle, citing that he bought 14,000 condoms in less than a year. • Diddy is back to being called Puff Daddy in an effort to revive career success that occurred with his former name. • McCain does "a Google" to research his potential veeps, you know, because the internet is full of so much reliable information! • Same-sex marriages could give the wedding business in California a big boost. • The portrait of Jane Austen's supposed "lost love" and the inspiration for Mr. Darcy is up for auction. • This one ought to help calm paranoid mothers everywhere: A mom finds a snake in her daughter's crib. • A female U.K. Army major who was given "a hug instead of a medal" after she helped Iraq negotiations settles her case with the Army. • A new study says taking a virginity pledge may delay teen sex, although it should be used with a comprehensive sex education. • A Los Angeles Superior Court judge has approved for trial a case of a woman suing her ex-husband for giving her HIV after claiming he was virus free. • A mentally ill woman who killed her pregnant friend, cut out her unborn child, and drowned her friend's living children has been sentenced to life in prison. • A look back at the last 15 years of BUST magazine, here's to 15 more!


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