Yikes. Actor Ryan O'Neal and his son Redmond (whose mother is Farrah Fawcett) were detained this morning following a probation search of Ryan's home after police found Redmond in possession of meth and also found a vial of the drug in Ryan's room. Redmond is on probation stemming from a drug possession (meth and heroin) and DUI arrest. The family has a long history with addiction. Ryan's daughter Tatum was arrested a few months back for cocaine possession, and his other son Griffin has long battled drug addiction, which played a part in a 1986 boating accident that led to the death of Francis Ford Coppola's son Gian-Carlo, for which Griffin was charged with manslaughter. Ryan was arrested in February 2007 for assault on Griffin and his pregnant girlfriend. [LA Times]

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I'm seeing a new reality teevee show - "Dr. Drew's Celebrity Family Rehabtastic Rehab"