Yet Another School Bans Annoying Mid-Commencement Selfies

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Take your selfies while you can, because the great selfie crackdown of '14 continues! Yet another university has ruled mid-commencement selfies verboten. No matter your pride at earning a diploma, administrators would prefer you not hold up the proceedings.

Earlier this week, Bryant University ruled against the practice at graduation; now, the Tampa Bay Times reports, the University of South Florida has hopped on the bandwagon. They placed ads in the student newspaper and everything. "We want students to think about the dignity of the ceremony," the dean of students asked, practically begging grads not to make him throw the book at anyone:

"The last thing I want to do on someone's graduation day — which is supposed to be one of the best days of your life — is enforce some policy with a penalty or consequences," Freeman said.


Also banned: stepping, strolling, and marching. Maybe also fun in general?

The University of Florida is attempting a similar crackdown, according to WCJB. Administrators will be posting signs on either sides of the stage at graduation, in no small part to discourage anyone from cheesing mid-walk.

All you get is a handshake from the school's president (and a piece of paper, of course). Which is actually pretty ridiculous when you consider the cost of a college degree.

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This is hilarious. I am graduating (law school; yay me!) in a couple weeks, and it never would have occurred to me in a gazillion years to take a SELFIE AS I WAS CROSSING THE STAGE. That's what people in the audience with cameras are for. In related news, I am An Old.