Are we the only people who have absolutely no idea what Cathy Horyn is talking about most of the time?


"About the only designer in New York who doesn't attempt to resuscitate the dead is Narciso Rodriguez. I mean, if I see another Adrian, Mainbocher, Alaia or quietly finessed McCardell look... And let us not to talk about the Sisters Mulleavy.......

Later, I fell into a conversation with a photographer in Rodriguez's backstage about how one should regard the sisters' work. He felt it would grow on us with time, going from palatable to acceptable. He cited other examples, like skulls.

I listened to him and slowly ate my healthy model snack food in the crowded backstage area. I suppose he had a point. Still, I don't want to think of all the things we humans have allowed to grow on us that firm standards might have prevented."

Resucitate the dead? Skulls? Things growing on us? What the fuck is she talking about? Is this about clothes or gravedigging?

It's so unfair. We so want to get a job writing incomprehensible drivel all day.

Oh, wait.......