Yes, Virgins, There Is A G-Spot! You Just May Need Some Injections To Fix Yours

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The G-spot. Is it possible we have never really discussed this apocryphal palace of erogoversy on Jezebel before? Hey, let's end that now. First, the news: the G-spot is not a myth invented by the dark alliance of Cosmo and your lazy high school boyfriend. No, it is real, scientists have confirmed this. (Okay, Italian scientists, but still.) But there is a catch! Not every woman appears to have one. (How long before Roger Ailes gives us exit polling on how the G-spot deficient demographic votes in elections?) Anyway, so here's the other G-tastic news: you can apparently have a collagen injection (a G-shot, of course!) that will make your G-spot more sensitive! You can apparently get one of these shots at a party. Just like Botulinum Toxin! (Just don't get the syringes mixed up!) How do you find out if you have one? And if you don't, can you get one, like with a kidney? (Kidding!) Answers after the jump!


Okay, so here's the first news. Basically what happened is a scientist found a bigger area of tissue between the urethra and the vagina among women who report vaginal orgasms.This would seem to jive with the idea that injecting the area with collagen can make any G-spot more sensitive, since collagen is, you know, "tissue." Now, other scientific G-spot experts claim this could just be due to the fact that women who report vaginal orgasms, um, work out that area more, and therefore the tissue is bigger on account of all the exercise, like with muscle. Could this explain why serious runners sometimes report spontaneous orgasms? Can you tell it's been fourteen years since my last biology class?? Fuck I'm old. Old and horny.

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"(Okay, Italian scientists, but still.)"

This calls for a whispered "fuck you". Was it not Americans who sent a satellite crashing on the Moon or somewhere because they got their pounds and inches mixed with their grams and centimeters?

It's really starting to bug me, you know.