YES, QUEEN: Emma Thompson Singing Sweeney Todd Is Everything

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Mrs. Lovett, the accomplice to murder and enabler of cannibalism in Stephen Sondheim's Sweeney Todd, is a difficult role to play and not just because of the dark content and challenging score, but because it was originated by Angela Lansbury — keeper of our hearts — and no one can ever hold a candle to her. If anyone could come close, though, it's probably Emma Thompson.


This Friday, September 26, PBS will air the New York Philharmonic production of Sweeney Todd — starring Thompson and Bryn Terfel (as Todd) — that ran at Lincoln Center last March. So far, they've been kind enough to release a few clips, like the one above, via Vulture, that shows Thompson lamenting the hard times that have fallen upon Mrs. Lovett's pie shop in "Worst Pies in London," and the one below, featuring Thompson and the company in "God, That's Good," a celebration of when her luck starts turning around with a cameo by Audra McDonald.

(The secret to her success: she starts using human meat in her pies.)

(This is currently the only fall TV premiere that I care about.)

And in good news becoming BETTER news, Thompson will be reprising the role of Mrs. Lovett next year on the West End, so if anyone wants to fly me to London to see Sweeney Todd (I'm looking at you, Len Cariou), that would be very much appreciated. There's no place like London!

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I saw this live and it was AMAZING. They did a fantastic job staging it and hearing the score with a full orchestra and chorus was incredible - particularly for me, since the other time I saw Sweeney Todd was in the incredibly stripped down production with Michael Cerveris and Patti Lupone where the cast played their own instruments.

Also - Audra Macdonald was the special guest the night I saw it!