Aside from Casper, ghosts aren't known for being the nicest houseguests around. A sextergeist haunting a couple in Hull, England really took the cake, though, assaulting a "possibly psychic" housewife and causing her marriage to disintegrate into nothing more than a ghostly orb that looks like a dildo.

I want to believe in ghosts as much as the next person (my house is inconveniently, if not maliciously, haunted), but the tale of Deborah Rawson is just too, too much. A sex-hungry ghost? Heavy breathing? Unearthly sex sounds coming from the bathroom? Check, check and check, they're all here.


The ghost, who Rawson says is named Mark, has been unrelenting in his advances, and no amount of cleaning or exorcism has gotten him to stop. In fact, it was only when Rawson's husband grew weary of his wife's encounters and the couple moved that the hauntings stopped bothering her. What's even more strange (besides a sex-starved ghost) is the fact that Rawson's house isn't built on any kind of hexed land (no supreme casting spells here) and nothing tragic has ever happened in the house she and her husband inhabited. And the orbs The Mirror claims are pictures of Mark in action just look like bubbles someone blew, not even real ghost orbs. That's just not how ghosts work.

While I don't want to discount Rawson's story, the way The Mirror has written it makes it sound that she is someone who may be suffering from delusions or hallucinations. Great that moving has helped, but how long can it be before Mark makes another appearance? The Mirror points out that Rawson was given anti-anxiety medications (awesome, those are great), but what about some kind of counseling? Is it possible that Mark isn't the cause of Rawson's marriage problems but was manifested to take the attention off of them? We'll probably never know, but I certainly hope that Rawson has found some peace. (And a nice new house.) (Although even new houses can be haunted.) (Wait, is it possible this could also have been a ploy to get a new house? After all, why would a ghost suddenly appear after 20 years of happy non-haunting? Riddle me that.)

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