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Yes, Idiot, It Is Harder To Be A Woman Than A Man

Illustration for article titled Yes, Idiot, It Is Harder To Be A Woman Than A Man

How can you say it's easier to be a man than to be a woman? What data do you have to support such a position? That's the type of mail you get when you write something for a news outlet other than Jezebel, and I thought fondly of it today when I read the latest from Wall Street, where Lehman Brothers chief financial officer Erin Callan, a Harvard-educated attorney known for "speaking more clearly and revealing more financial data than most Wall Street CFOs" all while wearing five-inch stilettos, had been demoted after seven months in the job, some internet pundit just skewered CNBC anchor Maria "Money Honey" Bartiromo for her "hysterical" statements on tax policy and her collagen injections, and Marie Claire just interviewed CNBC anchor Becky Quick about her wardrobe. "Nothing less than impeccable is what flies on Wall Street," she told the magazine. "If your lipstick's a mess or your skirt is too trendy, it instantly devalues you." Yup, devalues.


Like rampant fiscal irresponsibility to the greenback! Which leads me to a stupid but maybe-accurate metaphor that brings into account Maria Bartriomo's opinions on tax policy. Maria Bartiromo argues that people who make $200,000 shouldn't be necessarily described as "rich." This is because she lives in New York, but also because she must abide by the paradox that dictates that successful females invest not only colossal sums of money but roughly two hours extra daily simply to avoid the appearance of being "devalued." Of course, that investment, which is not optional, carries with it not only tremendous opportunity cost, which is devaluing in its own way, but the additional degradation of scrutiny and/or mockery re the process itself (Callan's heels, Bartiromo's Botox) and the additional nuisances of the Boy's Club, sexual harassment etc. It almost makes you want to just have kids and freelance and endure the contempt of people like Linda Hirshman, which is all fine and good, but after all that you're still stuck getting your period. So basically you're screwed either way and no wonder we are all programmed to be somewhat lesbian.


Callan, Gregory Out At Lehman [WSJ]

Becky Quick Teaches You How To "Dress Like A Financier" [Dealbreaker]

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@NeverNikki: I working full-time and in college(private/expensive), have a mortgage, car payment and live in a different state from my entire family.

I don't have kids though and I know that adds a huge expense. So for me, earning $200k would make me rich.

@stacyinbean: That is what I should have said along with my first comment. I live in Austin. I turned down an offer for a promotion in New York a few years ago because I knew I could kiss certain things goodbye even on the salary they offered.