Yes, I Will Be Watching Kristen Stewart's Very Gay Christmas Movie

Screenshot: Hulu

I could go my whole life and then some without ever hearing a fictional Christmas character call another Christmas character “my person.” But seeing as Kristen Stewart does it in a gay way for her new holiday flick, Happiest Season, I guess I will let it slide this time.


On Monday, Hulu dropped the trailer for what might objectively be the first, big-budget lesbian Christmas movie, filled with high-caliber talent. Happiest Season, headlined by a blonde Kristen Stewart, also stars Alison Brie, Mary Steenburgen, Victor Garber, Dan Levy, and Aubrey Plaza. The story follows Abby (Stewart) as she travels to the family home of her hopefully soon-to-be fiance Harper, played by Mackenzie Davis. Harper, however, isn’t out to her parents yet, very much unbeknownst to Abby. Twist!

Some variation of the plot of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner has been re-hashed in many eras, in many different ways. 2020's version stars white lesbians in a Christmas movie. As it is technically the first to put such a spin on the premise quite like this, I will definitely watch, at the very least for Mary Steenburgen and Victor Garber, who are fabulous. Why Harper hasn’t come out to her parents—who are, again, Mary Steenburgen and Victor Garber, perhaps the most warm and non-judgmental seeming parents imaginable—is not clear from the trailer. Are they devoutly religious? Who knows! At one point, though, she does scream at Abby that she is “hiding herself.”

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Screenshot: Hulu

I also think that Stewart’s dry delivery and apathetic demeanor is the perfect fit for a Christmas movie about a troublesome family. It’s an extremely Sarah Jessica Parker circa The Family Stone casting decision, except with a millenial icon instead of a Gen X one. Also, Dan Levy appears to do his best Dan Levy impression, complete with eyebrow gags and that soft, signature vocal fry.

Screenshot: Hulu

Considering the Times We Live In, TriStar Pictures is opting out of a theatrical release, with the film instead premiering directly on Hulu come December 25, just in time for everyone’s holiday festivities, whatever they might be this year.



Look, as a lesbian who can’t bring her girlfriend home for the holidays, I am absolutely being pandered to. And I am HERE for it. I plan on sobbing my eyes out and watching this like... as many times as possible this year.

Also, Tegan and Sara wrote a Christmas song for the soundtrack.

People on the internet are already like “ewwww it’s so lame” but I am going to take my joy where I can find it this year.