This looks like a painting of people just chilling at the park, looking at some monstrous piece of art that the local government paid millions of dollars for (and probably getting high), but when you realize how it was actually created, you'll be pretty surprised. Because it was a complete accident.

Wanna guess how it's made? I'll wait here (as always) while you wrack your brain as if it were those scrambled eggs in the infamous Rachael Leigh Cook commercial. Ok. BRB.

Done? Here's the answer:

It's just kitchen appliances! How is that even possible? And if you're wondering if I'm counting whatever's making that tree as a kitchen appliance, the answer is yes. Because it looks like broccoli and broccoli is much more functional than it is edible. We can't argue this.


Either way, this is pretty cool (I'm going to skip the hyperbole today) and is good for a few minutes of looking at your own kitchenware and trying to figure out how to make a beautiful pastoral scene. Or at least how to create that jaunty-looking scarf the gentleman on the left is wearing.

Image via Imgur