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Year Of The Living Dolls

Illustration for article titled Year Of The Living Dolls

New business magazine Portfolio has just published a Q&A with "Barbie fashion designer" Kim Culmone, who says that designing for the 11.5-inch, high-heeled plastic blonde is way preferable to designing for real people (maybe because they can't talk back!). "There's a sense here that anything is possible, which we might not get in the adult marketplace," Culmone tells writer S.E. Kramer. "The garment industry is extremely difficult to work in. The hours are grueling. Some people don't get paid at all."


And lest you think that Barbie's fashions fall straight off the beauty-pageant tacky-truck, Culmone would like you to know that that the stylish designer runways and streets of New York and Paris are her primary inspiration. "We're used to looking at a fashion on the street and saying, "Oh my God, that would be perfect for Barbie,' but you'd be surprised how different the outfit looks when it's designed for her."

Surprised? Not really. We can think of two obvious, bullet-shaped reasons why.

All Dolled Up [Portfolio, via Fashionista]

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