Year of the Living Dolls.

We're fairly certain that the title and cover image of Tori Amos's upcoming album American Doll Posse (click here to see) are a pointed commentary on the prepubescent sexuality American women are supposed to embody nowadays (Don't get us started on what this is doing to actual prepubescents).

We're thankful for it (even if we aren't Tori Amos fans) because the dollyfication of American culture is everywhere, from M.A.C. Cosmetics' Barbie Loves M.A.C. campaign, to the new Paper Dolls-meets-The Real World show The Agency, to the Pussycat Dolls, to a ridiculous Barbie interview in the new Vanity Fair in which Barbie declares herself "forever a teenager". (Um, we thought she had careers!)


Even Project Runway punk-ass Jeffrey Sebelia is being dragged into the dollysphere: as New York Mag reports this week, he's designing the costumes for an upcoming Bratz Dolls movie.

You know how when you got tired of your Barbie doll, you chopped off all her hair? Maybe Britney had a point when she shaved her head the other day.

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