Yeah, we know: the site is messed up. Something to do with servers. It's annoying. No, it's more than annoying, but we're gonna save our choicest descriptions for tonight after work, when we'll be drowning our sorrows in beer and greasy food. Until then, feel free to let it rip on our behalf.


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well i'm having a shitty day at work and so jezebel being kerfluffled is kind of comforting. it give me a sense of togetherness and it also makes me not feel so bad for having already made plans for heapings of tex mex and frozen margaritas directly after work.

then when i strut around in sparkly bra and panties and lifelessly sort of stagger/dance, i know i can blame it on all those margaritas i downed. britney's bloat will be nothing compared to my pms-swelled and enchilada-stuffed midsection.